Transmisi Kredit Perbankan di Propinsi Kalimantan Barat

Sartono ., Rahmatullah Rizieq


Credit channeled by banking represents one of the ways of to increase growth of economics in an area.  Ideal credit rate interest an stimulate request o higher-level credit.  Heigt channeling of credit will cause investment height, to push growth of economics. Beside that other effect which possible emerges is the increasing of inflation. This article aim to know influence of channeled by credit to inflation and growth of economics in Province of Kalimantan Barat.  We used secondary data of year 1990 up to 2002, which is obtained from various publications released by Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS), Bank Indonesia, and other sources. Model, which is used in this paper, is VAR (Auto Vector Regression) Model. There is a stagnation growth of credit in province of Kalimantan Barat since the year 1997, that is the time of starting of monetary crises.  At that year, value of LDR become below one. This matter cause at period of research that approval of ew credti doesn't hav influence to growth of economics in province of Kalimantan Barat. But will only couse inflation rate.  The recommendation able to be given pursuant to result of this research shall be as follows. The importane of improves; repaired by function of intermediary of banking so that avaiable DPK at bank can be channeled as credit to society, so that LDR can increase.  Channeling of credit majored to investment credit, utilize movement economics of area

Keyword: credit, inflation, eonomic growth

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