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Most of the world's population consume rice as a staple food. Along with the growing population, the demand for rice continues to increase. The availability of food in the form of rice must be maintained. Therefore, rice is a strategic commodity in food security and economy in Indonesia. Considering the increasing number of population, it is necessary to intensify agriculture and efficient efforts in paddy farming. Sambas District, especially Tebas Subdistrict, is a producer of paddy / rice paddy which is cultivated in paddy fields or in fields. Therefore, to increase rice production in Sambas Regency, it is necessary to develop rice agribusiness strategy in Tebas Subdistrict.
The objectives of this research are: 1) To analyze the internal and external strategic factors that determine the successful development of the superior commodities of food crops, especially paddy in Kecamatan Tebas Sambas Regency, 2) Determine alternative strategy for the development of rice agribusiness in Tebas Sub-district of Sambas Regency.
This research was conducted in Tebas Sub-district, Sambas District, West Kalimantan Province for twelve (12) months. Methods of data collection used in this study in the form of interviews with a questionnaire guide. The population is all stakeholders involved in the agribusiness system of food crops, and agribusiness business actors. Methods of sampling / respondents done by intentionally and the respondents amounted to 40 people.
Based on the results of internal factor analysis shows that the strategy of development of rice agribusiness in Kecamatan Tebas currently has the average or moderate ability internally has been able to utilize the strengths owned and minimize the weakness well. The main strength of Tebas sub district in developing rice agribusiness is natural resources. While the main weakness is limited capital. Based on the results of external factor analysis shows that the organization's strategy has effectively been able to take advantage of opportunities and minimize threats. The main opportunity of Tebas sub district, Sambas regency in the development of rice agribusiness is high demand for rice. While the main threat is the condition of security / natural disasters.
Based on the SWOT matrix analysis result shows the external internal strategic factors obtained, indicating that the value of SO strategy is 3.187; WO strategy is 2,673; ST strategy with a value of 2.894; WT strategy with a value of 2,380. The strategy of developing rice agribusiness in Tebas Sub-district, Sambas District can be used SO strategy or strategy using force to exploit opportunity, that is: a) Strategy of Agricultural Intensification Implementation, b) Development Strategy of Rice Production Center, c) Market Access Increase Strategy, Information, And Promotion, and d) Participatory Farmer and Partner Strategies.

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