Arif Parabi


National food needs influenced by irrigation systems and agricultural sector. To achieve the success of food needs, irrigation systems and agricultural sector must be in a good condition. In the administrative district region of Kayong Utara contained irrigation area named DI. Benawai Agung Komplek. Some of the facilities and infrastructure's damage have occured in that irrigated areas. This condition also affected the agricultural production in that region. The purpose of this research are to get a study and analysis about the potential, utilization and development of facilities and infrasructure in the Benawai Agung Komplek's Irrigation area.
This research used a method that including of primary data collection by conducting field survey and secondary data collection. Field Survey consists of geotechnical investigation / Soil mechanics, hydrology / hidrometri survey and social – economic survey. Data Analysis includes the analysis of water availability, evapotranspiration, precipitation analysis, calculation of mainstay discharge with Mock Method and NRECA method.
The result of field survey indicate that the largest existing land is used for rice field approximately 58.20%. Based on the observations that have been made, irrigation water for study area especially for rice field about 1,05 liters/sec/ha. The potential of existing water balance can serve an area of 240.55 hectars. In terms of quantity, overall water availability is not able to serve all over the rice fields. Development production of DI. Benawai Agung Komplek was the right way to increase the agricultural production and the living standards of farmers in that region

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